Abeth Aradin was born in 1853 AS, in her ancestral home of Barrow's Dell, to Davyd Aradin, High Earl of the Barrows, and his wife, Izet. Today she stands as heir to 

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her House, with only younger sisters surviving their infancy. 

Abeth is a tall, beautiful blonde woman whose tresses reach her waist. She finds herself equally at ease in the elaborate dresses, hairstyles and jewelry of the Royal Court and in the forests and rough hills of her home in The Haft, where she rides and tracks as well as any of the local men. Her eyes are a striking green, and she moves with an absolutely silent grace about her.

She tends to dress in black and silver, the colors of her House, and shows a strong preference for silver jewelry over gold. While many Houses have attempted to match their sons with her, Abeth has defiantly refused all suitors, including those who have offered her complete independence in the running of her own House when her father dies.

Abeth is known as an accomplished harpist, and on more than one occasion has performed, by command, for the Queen herself.

Early LifeEdit

Abeth was born on the 13th day of the month of Winterfang, in 1853 AS. From a young age she was fond of the mountains and forests that surrounded her
family's traditional holdings. She was also keenly interested in history, and became a notorious pest to the local Druid. Her interest in song and tales was also keen, and she set about learning to pay the harp at a young age.

By her early teens Abeth's older brother, Heim, fell sick. Before she turned fourteen he had died, leaving her the new heir to he House. Having never looked forward to a life as a wife and lady of a household, Abeth found herself equally discouraged at the prospect of being tied to a home of her own, not free to wander the kingdom as she wished.

Much changed for her the following year, when her father took her to the capital, and court. When she realized she had been brought along in hopes of making her a match, she fled. She managed to survive for a few days on the streets of Kindem Hua before she was finally found, and ushered back to her father. adamant that she would not participate in any marriage she didn't arrange herself, Abeth stared her father down and got his word, on the condition that she herself then do her duty as heir to the House. She agreed.

She quickly came to learn her way about court, eventually opting for the dresses and elaborate coiffures of the court's women as a seamless way to blend in. Still refusing any attempts at a match, Abeth continued to practice with a bow and sword, as she always had.


By the time she came of age Abeth had fulfilled her promise to her father, become a skilled negotiator, courteous hostess and wise treasurer. She had also come to gain a reputation with bow and sword, taking over much of the early training of her House's new recruits. At court she had developed an easy way of gliding about, masterfully hiding her own wits and intelligence from the rank-and-file, while gaining a quiet and strong reputation among those in the know.

A frequent guest of her House's liege, House Morym, has given Arthyn kesMorym a great insight into the young woman's true character and potential. A long veteran of the court, and of cleverly juggling desire and duty, he has taken Abeth under his wing and begun to mentor her.