A map of the continents of Aralath.

Aralath is the world in which the campaign is set. It is an ancient world, one locked into a dance with the Otherworld and heading towards and uncertain future.

Three main continents lie on the great oceans of the world. The largest of the three is Torthalon, which crosses the map from

the northwest to the south east. The lands of Torthalon's northwest are also called Amallon, and this is the region in which the majority of Aralath campaigns are set.

South of Torthalon is the continent of Arenar, a great deal of which is occupied by a wide, burning desert. The Tharan religion dominates a great deal of the continent.

To the west of the map is the continent of Adel-Siar. It is remote, and once the Mardukim were far more plentiful there than they are today.

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