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It is an ancient world, where magic--old magic--still has power. And a price. It is a world that lives, its own soul older than any living thing.

It is a world humans share with strange races, and great swaths of ruined wilderness surround more civilized lands.

Aralath itself is a reflection of the Otherworld, the spiritual Land Behind the Mists from which magic flows. It is a distant world removed from that of mortals, yet there are times and places where the barrier between worlds is thin, and magic is more powerful.

Humans share the world chiefly with two other peoples. The Ashani are deeply mystical beings, strongly connected to the Otherworld, while the Mardukim are scaled creatures of the wastes, and the desolate reaches.

So far, several human kingdoms have been described, to a greater or lesser extent, including Keledon, Akaryth, the Sixlunds (Sen, Trenn, Calend, Lithend and Lathan); Sitadori and Deici.The Hrogar, a nomadic, clannish people, have also been described, as have their lands. These kingdoms are a good place for new players to start. Culturally, they can be considered, more or less, similar to:

Keledon: 15th century England, if Christianity had never come to the Isle.

Akaryth: 15th century France, complete with a rivalry with Keledon.

Sixlunds: like medieval European principalities. Lithend is similar to Switzerland, and so on. Think central European.

Sitadori: An Italian city state circa the very early Renaissance. Florence, or Genoa.

Deici: a combination of central and northern Italy and the Papal States.

Hrogar: Think Norse Mongolians.

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Aralath is the name of both this campaign world and of the overall game itself. There are many key differences between standard AD&D games and this particular campaign. Over time these differences will be catalogued and listed herein.

Additionally 'house rules' will also be included, as will our standard way of creating characters and so on.

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