The Barons Mendicant are four men raised from commoners to the Low Nobility by Queen Heulyn II of Keledon in thanks for their support and courage during the rebellion of her uncle, Balar. 


On the 26th of Highsun, 1860 AS, the armies of Seldhe Halad met those of her uncle, Balar Halad, on the open plains between Havan and Culain, beginning the war later known as Balar's Rebellion .

Throughout the early days of the war, resentment towards Balar took root among the peasants of the region. Enhanced by the common love for Seldhe, four young men cobbled together a small militia of peasants and commoners. Theo of Aldwyn, Alrik Beyran, Jord of the Blackshaw and Wil Haleson proved to be good commanders and inspirational leaders; the numbers within their ranks swelled quickly as word of their successes spread,

In the early summer of 1862 AS, Theo and Alrik, who had infiltrated Balar's forces, were able to manipulate events and turn what were supposed to be Balar's mercenary allies into Seldhe's. This victory led to an end to the war, and Seldhe's ascension to the Falcon Throne.


As a reward for their assistance, the new Queen Heulyn raised the four young men to nobility, first knighting each of them, then bestowing the title of Baron, and attendant lands, upon each of them.

Theo was created the First Baron of Aldwyn, and Lord of House Aldwyn, settled in the town that gave him his name and sworn in fealty and service to House Alens. He took as his sigil a golden stag's head, representing his family, on a field of green, which, along with three pines, represents his family's long connection to, and love of, the forest.

Alrik Beyran was created the First Baron of Ravensdale, and Lord of House Beyran. His lands were placed around the village of Ravensdale, in the Soutlands, near the Queen's own ancestral holdings. Indeed, his liege is the Queen herself, directly, as head of House Halad . Alrik took for his sigil an anvil, as a trained smith, placed on a black cross representing the many roads he traveled towards his present station.

Jord of the Blackshaw, a bastard from the village of the same name, was created First Baron of the Blackshaw, a bannerman of the wealthy House Windmere. Known as a lover of the common people, who never forgot his roots, he took as his sigil a wolf print, on a field of green, for summer, and white for winter roads. He is a neighbour and ally of the Order of the Griffon.

Finally, Wil Haleson was created the First Baron of Fellcrow, and Lord of House Haleson, a bannerman sworn to House Derthion. Known as the Night Wolf during the rebellions, Haleson took that animal as the sigil of his House, set against a moon, and facing left, towards the sinister, as a stern guardian.

The Days SinceEdit

Because they were raised from the ranks of commoners, and came into their positions with little wealth, the four came to be affectionately known as the Barons Mendicant, that is, the Beggar Barons. While time and peaceful expansion has enriched their Houses, the Barons have never forgotten their roots, remaining close to the common people over whom they rule.

Their relationship with the Queen has remained close as well. Each year, on the 3rd day of the month of Fading Sun, the Barons meet with the Queen, who hears their advice and news concerning the state and affairs of the realm's commoners. In this fashion the loyalty and love of the people towards their Queen has been deepened and enhanced over the years.

The Barons enjoy a reputation as local heroes and 'our boys made good' among the commoners of the kingdom. Some of their exploits, especially during the Rebellion, have become the subject of popular songs known throughout the kingdom. They are frequently portrayed as a sort of analogue to the Three Musketeers plus D'Artangan. 

Their standards and notes are as follows:

Aldwyn Edit

Associated Title: Baron of Aldwyn

Liege: House Alens

Current Head of Family: Theo Aldwyn

Seat: Aldwyn

Notes: The most celebrated leader of the Lowborn Militias, Theo Aldwyn was twice wounded in Balar's Rebellion. Son of a blacksmith, Theo proved capable enough as a warrior and stories spread of his skill and ferocity with a great hammer. Theo has remained true to his roots as a Baron, and is popular with the commoners who now reside under his rule. His sigil represents the wild forests and hunting  that have shaped his life.

Beyran Edit

Associated Title: Baron of Ravensdale

Liege: House Halad

Current Head of Family: Alrik Beyran 

Seat: Ravensdale

Notes: Of the four barons, Alrik became closest to Seldhe before her coronation. Thus, the lands given him are in the Southlands, not far from the capital itself, and just beyond the border of the Kingslands in Hawksbridge. As the son of a smith, Beyran has supported that craft as a member of the Low Nobiity, and is gaining a reputation for the production of quality steel weapons.

Blackshaw Edit

Associated Title: Baron of Blackshaw

Liege: House Windmere

Current Head of Family: Jord Blackshaw

Seat: The Blackshaws (between Kindem Hua and Kalabar).

Notes: Granted lands not far from where he grew up, Jord Blackshaw, as First Baron of the Blackshaws, has deveoped good reationships with both his liege, House Windmere of Kalabar, and the near by Baron of Knighthome, Lord Commander of the Knights of the Griffon. He is a known supporter of the Order and its aims, and has been recenty honoured with invitations to the yearly gathering of its Knights.

Haleson Edit

Associated Title: Baron of Fellcrow

Liege: House Derthion

Seat: Fellcrow

Notes: Known as 'The Night Wolf' during Balar's Rebellion, Wil Haleson took that animal as his House's sigil. He has proven to be a stern and grim but just lord, treating those living under him as family.