Beoreth Blackhand, often 'the Blackhand', is Prince of Sen and part of Grimjaws' Table

He is a grim and dour man who rarely smiles and seems to carry weight upon his shoulders that is far beyond his station and age.

Under Blackhand's tenure as Prince of Sen the small realm's famed steel has become increasingly difficult to come by as the Prince constantly reduces the amount available to outsiders. He is not known for placing much trust in outsiders, and that includes the other rules of the Sixlunds. Blackhand also has little love for Keledon, for while the reaches of Southern Sen are of little value to his people he considers the continued Keledoni possession of the region as an old insult.

Blackhand also has little love for Grimjaws' Table itself, feeling slighted for not having been chosen king.  While sennish steel is the finest in the world, Blackhand tends to overestimate it's importance as a product for export, especially at the reduced rates with which he allows its production and the inflated cost for which he sells it.