Of the five principalities which collectively make up the Sixlunds , Calen is the northwestern-most of them, covering a region of hills and fertile fields between the sea
and the Lithendi mountains. 

When the Starm Confederacy was first assembled, after the Hrogar destruction of Rythe, six nations gathered together under its aegis. Less than a century ago, in 1817 AS, serious disputes over land holdings erupted between the principalities of Cragun and Arlund. War was averted in the end by the arranging of a series of marriages between the ruling Houses of each land. Functionally, and officially, the two were combined into the single nation of Calend. As the people of the two lands had, culturally, lingusiticaly and religiously, been very close to begin with, the development of a shared sense of identity was rapid and the unification smooth.

Calend occupies a very fertile belt of land edging up towards the northern hills that mark the frontier of the Sixlunds. The region is famous for the quality of the wines it produces, especially its rich and earthy reds. With a shorter growing season than most other regions, the finest of Calendan wines command steep prices, especially abroad. The land is particularly praised for its ice wines, the exact flair for which has not been quite replicated elsewhere.


The standard of Calend depicts an amphora of wine--for which the nation is famous--against a field of red, also referencing the red winesof the land. The red also represents the ties of blood that unite the two former lands of Cragun and Arlund. Indeed, Cragun's device had been a field of red upon which was a bunch of grapes, while that of Arlund had been an amphora on a field of white. So the present standard combines those of the two previous realms.


Calend's southeastermost borders run into the foothills of the Lithendi Mountains. The remainder of its holdings consist of fertile fields running along the fence of the Border Hills. In those hills cautious delvings have produced decent amounts of iron, copper, and tin.


The Calendans are a pious people, far less energetic and restless than their Lathandi neighbours and less dour than the Sennish.