The Company of the Crescent Moon, formed in 1703 AS, was a celebrated band of adventurers whose exploits ranged across Keledon and most of Amallon and beyond. Each of its members is remembered in the songs and tales of bards and minstrels. During its time the Company included Dale of Havan, later founder of the venerated Knights of the Griffon in Keledon; Azeem bin Fahad Rab-ul-Salaam, a warrior and rogue from Shatiulbar; Tarantar the Red, an Ashani mage whose madness ultimately destroyed him; Kyriana Alqaviliya, the Ashani mage and shamaness who serves as Selviliya; Marel of Morcham Keep; the warrior priest Borom the Wise; the paladin Kanukan; and the goblin warrior Grog the Mighty.


The origins of the Company are found in a chance encounter bewteen several adventurers in 1703 AS. In the spring of that year a group of travellers were forced together due to events beginning in a tavern in Hawksholme, capital city of Keledon. They quickly formed close bonds among them, and banded together as an adventuring