Requirements: Str: 12 Con: 9 Wis: 13 Cha: 17

The dark paladin is an evil analogue of the paladin class. While the paladin is a warrior dedicated to good, who gains the ability to heal wounds and cure diseases, the dark paladin is able to inflict harm and create diseases in others. The dark paladin has the same attribute requirements as a paladin. Dark paladins must be lawful evil

in alignment and are dedicated to an evil god, often Kenetha (queen of evil, lust, and bloodshed), Akhem (a god of power and might from the south); or Vual of the Piercing Eye. Lawful evil alignment must be maintained; changing away from it means losing all special abilities until the dark paladin atones for his actions. Many dark paladins learn some skill in healing in order to pass themselves off as paladins.

To a dark paladin order and command are bread and butter. They expect their underlings to obey them, and in turn generally seek to obey the orders of those above them, while always seeking a way to raise one's own rank.

Dark paladins tend to be fanatically devoted to their god and have a strong hatred of paladins. Dark paladins devoted to Vual have an especial hatred of the priesthood of Alqawen the Swanmother.

Special Abilities:

+Detect Good: a dark paladin can concentrate for a moment and detect the presence of goodness. The effective range is 60'. It takes one round to perform this action.

+A dark paladin has a +2 bonus on all saving throws.

+Dark paladins are immune to all non-magical diseases, just as paladins are.

+Dark paladins can cure wounds on himself, once a day, by draining the hit points from a victim. The victim suffers 2 points of damage per level of the dark paladin who heals the same amount. This can kill low level characters or NPCs. In such a case experience is not gained by the Dark Paladin.

+Dark paladins can cause disease once a week for every 5 levels (once at level 1-5, twice at 6-10, etc). The severity of the disease increases with the dark paladin's level, ranging from a feverish flu at first level to a deadly plague at fifteenth.

+Dark paladins are surrounded by an aura of evil to a distance of 10'. All summoned and good aligned creatures within this area suffer a -1 penalty on attack rolls regardless of their target.

+A dark paladin wielding an unholy sword projects an aura of power 30' in diameter when the sword is held aloft. Hostile magic of up to the dark paladin's level is dispelled.

+At third level a dark paladin gains the ability to command undead, demons and devils. He affects targets as a priest of 2 less levels—a third level dark paladin commands as a first level cleric; one of fifth level as a third level cleric.

+At fourth level or higher a dark paladin may call for his war horse. This will likely involve some kind of quest to find the steed. The higher the level of the dark paladin the more powerful his steed. The steed will serve until it can no longer; the dark paladin may call for a new steed only once a decade.

+Beginning at ninth level a dark paladin may cast certain priest spells. They follow the same progression as paladins. With the exception of healing spells, Dark Paladins may only cast the negative version of reversible spells.

+Paladin restrictions concerning magical items apply to dark paladins as well. They are allowed to gain wealth however, provided they use it to further the ends of their faith. 20% of their wealth is tithed to their temple.

+Dark paladins do not attract followers at ninth level like fighters. They may hire mercenaries and so forth if they so wish. Sometimes they are appointed to lead groups of their church's military.

+Dark paladins will work with people of most alignments but prefer to avoid the more chaotic ones. They work best with lawful allies.