A sacred site at the edge of the Draoi.

The Draoi is one of the Three Enclaves of Keledoni Druidry, and, as such is one of the most sacred sites in the kingdom. Like the Whitestag and Capel Derwydd, for a non-Druid to enter the Draoi is an offense punishable by death.

The Draoi is a hidden valley somewhere in the Huaralyar Mountains of Keledon. Its exact location is not known to outsiders, but local peasants claim it is not far from the Woodmere, and, indeed, that its purpose to to protect and defend that site.

In reality, the Draoi is the home of one of the three Archdruids of Keledon. As such it serves as a center of learning for the Druids and for the education of new members of the priesthood. Draoi is the center of training for female students, and the Woodmere features into their lore and mysteries.