THe Duskwood is a stretch of old growth mixed forest located in the rough center of the Dalelands of Keledon. Beneath its boughs the forest is dark, and still, the air thick. In times long past, before Sothar united the kingdom, bloody sacrifices were offered within the forest. At times, so it is said, humans were offered to the Old Gods.

There is an old fortress in the heart of the Duskwood, long fallen into disrepair and overgrown. A few stone megaliths are said to remain visible nearby, but none can be reliably said to have seen the site in decades.

Local people tend to avolid straying in the forest as much as possible. When passing along the road from Bracken Hall to Duskwood Hall they stick to the trail, and advise other travellers to do the same. The small portion of the woods north of the road and the Ravenswater is said to be safer to traverse, but only during the daylight hours.

The trees on the edge of the forest are extremely knotty and twisted, as if growing against strong winds. Wolves and other creatures, such as boars and squirrels, are known to live within the woods, but few birds other than crows and sanwings are seen often.