Duskwood Hall is the name of a small holdfast and the village around it, located in the Dalelands of Keledon. It is located on the road that runs from Tirmaoc to Bracken Hall, not far from the eaves of the forest that shares its name.

Currently Duskwood Hall is the seat and home of House Mael, a minor house in the service of House Ebethar.

The site itself has been settled for centuries. The original fortification on the site was a motte, with a wooden fence and palisade surrounding a wooden building on a low hill. It burned during Sothar's war of unification, and was rebuilt in wood by the Ebethars soon afer.

After two centuries the site itself became important enough to warrant and upgrade, and it was rebuilt in stone.

Today, Duskwood Hall consists of a stone longhouse on top of a hill, surrounded by a stone wall. The low hill opens into a courtyard below. The entire complex is surounded by a sharp wall of logs, and a ten foot trench surrounding that.

The houses and homes of the local villagers are located fairly close to the northern gate into the motte, as it's their chief refuge in times of danger.