Galwyn Bearclaw (b. 1801 AS) is a venerable and wise member of the Druidic Order of Keledon, and serves as its representative on the Queen's Council.

Galwyn is celebrated among the order for the various achievements of his career, which include mastery of the harp and lute; the rediscovery of ancient Druidic lore long thought lost; the forging of stronger links between the Druids and the Ashani in Yarathera; and many others.

As a young man, Galwyn travelled to the Royal Court in Kindem Hua in the company of Taliesin of Fellcrow, who had recently been called to represent the Druidic Order on the King's Council. Arriving in 1822 AS, at the age of 21, Galwyn quickly became well known about court for his wisdom and advice. Upon the death of Taliesin, in 1828 AS, Galwyn was appointed in his former master's stead, becoming Druidic advisor to Gendar V, being also the youngest to have occupied the post.

Galwyn served the king, the realm, and the order faithfully until 1845 AS, when Gendar V died. Reappointed by the new king, Gendar's son Halar III, Galwyn continued to serve throughout the king's reign, until his death in 1860 AS.

Now 59 years old, the Druid travelled to the Whitestag to consult with the Druidic Order concerning the sucession. Considering the claims to the throne of both Seldhe, daughter of Gendar V and sister of Halar III, and her uncle, Balar, brother of Gendar and uncle of Halar, the Druids elected to support the former.

At the conclusion of Balar's Rebellion and Seldhe's ascension to the throne as Heulyn II in 1864 AS, Galwyn was again appointed as Druidic Representative on the Queen's Coucil, making him the first Druid in generations to have served in that role under three monarchs.

In addition to representing Druidic interests in court, Galwyn has also served as an ambassador to Akaryth, to Sen and, briefly, to Sitadori. He is known to be close with Rendar Alens and to have close ties with the Ashani through Sabell, the priestess currently serving the Knights of the Griffon.