Welcome to AralathEdit

As an original campaign setting, Aralath differs from more familiar milieux such as Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, DragonLance, or Dark Sun. This page will give you some background information and point you in the right direction to find out more about what ever interests you.

In the Beginning...Edit

The first thing to do when making your character is choose your race and class. When the gods forged the world they created four great races, one from each of the four elements. Therefore, when choosing your race, you have four basic choices:

  1. Human, which is exactly what you expect. There are a variety of places your character could be from, but we'll return to that in a bit. Humans were made from the element of
  2. Ashani, a people who are slightly smaller than humans on average. They are deeply connected to the natural world, as is their well-being. The Ashani are the people of water, and their cuture is deeply mystical and concerned with dreams and wisdom. There are different sub-types of Ashani; these are listed under the article found here. Although Ashani culture is very different from that of standard D&D elves, their stats are essentially the same.
  3. Mardukim, the stone people. They are also smaller on average than humans, though far stockier than the slender Ashani. The Mardukim have tough hides that feel almost stone-like to others; it is said that their souls are deeply connected to the earth, and that they can accomplish strange feats because of it. While very different from standard Dwarves, Mardukim are statistically similar to them with the additions listed on their page.