And old map depicting merchants on the Golden Road. Matlisan, ca 1650 AS.

The Golden Road is a well-established trade route that crosses the wilder heartlands of eastern Amallon and thence on into the far east. The beginning of the route proper is in the small trading town of Taryn, on the south-eastern border of Salashar, where routes from Salashar, Ravenna and Matlisan converge.

The Golden Road has been a much-travelled route for centuries, providing an overland route that rivals oceanic ones. Along this trail spices, exotic silks and textiles and other goods make their way to western Torthalon while textiles, timber, metal goods and other items are carried to the eastern side of the continent.

The Golden Road is not without peril, however. In the wilder lands through which it passes bandits are a constant

The fortress at Khazurg.

concern and no caravan travels without an armed escort. Some have made their names and fortunes on these raids--Hrogar Kharan did so notably beginning in 1368 AS. Even today the steppes and sweeping plains of Kozurg are largely unpoliced but two settlements have risen along the Road in that land. Both provide shelter, refreshment and security to those passing along the Golden Road. One of these settlements, Khazurg, takes the form of a cliff-side fortress built along a lonely couple of hills. While it is subject to occassional attacks by bandits and their allies it has yet to fall or be breached by its foes.

Beyond the land of Kozurg the Golden Road crosses through the mountainous passes and into the wide, arid land beyond them, thence to the far east.

Trade in goods is not the only exchange that occurs along the Golden Road. Cultural exchanges occur often as well and many of the towns and cities that have blossomed along the route are very cosmopolitan in nature, with many religions and races present to conduct trade. At points where the Road passes through the Ashuran Empire strict laws concerning trade, exchange, and usury are enforced.

Player NotesEdit

+famous and sometimes dangerous trade route on which many have made their fortune

+the gateway to far away lands and exotic cities

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