The King of the Sixlands is chosen from among its people by the Princes of the smaller kingdoms of Sen, Trenn, Lithend, Calend and Lathan. Once the King is installed, the Princes form an advisory council sworn to aid and assist the King in his office. This council is called Grimjaws' Table, in honour of Starm Grimjaws.

Traditionally, the Table is made up of the Princes of the Reaches, but no law requires this composition for the Table. Wiser kings include the Princes however in an attempt to avoid offense and to maintain balanced representation.

While any man among the citizens of the Sixlunds is eligible for selection as king of the Confederacy, in practice the king is usually selected from among the members of the Table.

The standard of the Table iself depicts a wyvern, which in the mythology of the area represents might, vigilance and power. It sits over a field of grey and white, divided into six to represent the original six principalities which merged to form the Starm Confederacy.