Gwareth KesGladen is the ninth Baron of Knightshome and current Lord Commander of the Order of the Griffon. As such, he makes his home within the walls of Griffon Keep in southern Keledon, only a day or two distant from the capital.

Under KesGladen's tenure, the Order has enhanced its reputation as a group of stalwart warriors, chivalrous and honorable in their dealings.

Early LifeEdit

KesGladen was born in 1825 AS in Elbana, and grew up as a ward of House Derthion; his father had been a knight in the service of the House. After his father's death in 1832 AS, KesGladen continued his growth and education under Derthion eyes.

At a tournament in 1839 AS, when KesGladen was 14 years old, he happened to meet Garen Alens, then Duke of Blackmoor, who entranced the young man with tales of his father's valour in battle. Resolving to become a knight in the tradition of his father, KesGladen doubled his efforts in training with lance, sword and spear and mastering horsemanship.

The boy, however, had a keen mind and an appetite for tales of heroism and valour. Consuming them voraciously they shaped his idea of knighthood and instilled in him a desire to see knights of chivalry and honorable conduct, rather than the glorified thugs many seemed to be. Lamenting the state of knighthood publically, during the celebratory dinner after the tournament, KesGladen's words caught the ear of a Griffon Knight, who had attended the


tournament as an observer. Impressed by the boy's passion, Kuryn the Flamecrestest took him on as a squire, and brought him to Griffon Keep.

Into the OrderEdit

Impressed by the 'true knighthood' he found among the Griffon Knights KesGladen devoted himself to becoming the best possible candidate for admission into the Order.

His hard work paid off when, in 1845 AS he was knighted and accepted into the Order. Proving his valour in battle many times over, KesGladen was appointed Marshall of the Order in 1863 AS. Upon the death of Rendir Blackmantle in 1869 AS KesGladen was elected the new Lord Commander and took on the mantle of Baron of Knightshome.

KesGladen has been a close confidant of Sabell Lisandi S'Ementar, priestess of Alqawen and chaplain to the Knights, since her arrival at Griffon Keep in 1852 AS. Indeed, he was one of the first to embrace the newcomer and welcome her into the fold. Through her he has maintained cordial relations with the Selviliya and the Druids of southern Keledon.