Halar III (1832 AS-1860 AS) was the twenty-ninth king of Keledon, a descendant of Sothar himself, and older brother to Queen Heulyn II, current monarch of the realm. Only thirteen years old when he ascended to the throne, he reigned for fifteen relatively peaceful years, with the exception of the odd uprising in southern Sen.

It was Halar III's death in 1860 AS, at the young age of 28, lead to the rebellion of his uncle Balar, who attempted to seize the throne from Halar's chosen heir, his sister Seldhe (Heulyn II).

Halar III himself was unwed. A betrothal had been arranged with a daughter of House Borudh but the bride died of fever before the wedding and Halar himself was reluctant to choose another.

Halar III is remembered as a kind king, but not always a good one. He was always more concerned with leisure activities than with actually ruling, and during his reign members of his Council often wielded considerably more authority than in the past.

Nearing the end of his life, Halar came to regret having no legitimate offspring and declared his sister to be his heir.

He passed away in the late winter of 1860 AS.