Hawksbridge is a small town in Keledon, found roughly 30 miles south of the capital, Kindem Hua (City of the Falcon), along the ancient way of the Sinya-tea. The town boasts several inns and taverns that do a brisk trade serving travelers following the road from the capital to the great port of Kalabar. The town is also celebrated for its stone and wood bridge, which spans the great river to its west. The wooden platform that forms the walking surface of the bridge can be lifted like a drawbridge to allow the taller ships that sometimes travel the river to pass.

The town and the surrounding area are the traditional holdings of House Halad. Their House is based here, and maintains its ancestral estate nearby. Since that House came to the throne Hawksbridge has been essentially absorbed into the royal holdings of Hawksholme. However the monarch continues to bear the title First Earl of Hawksbridge.

One of the greatest military victories in Keledoni history occurred in Hawksbridge. In 998 AS the Akarythan warlord Palathin invaded Keledon through Cardas Pass; it was at Hawksbridge that he was finally and utterly defeated, in 1003 AS. In memory of this great event a large and ancient statue still stands in the center of the town's main square.