House Aradin is a Major House of the kingdom of Keledon, and sworn to House Morym as bannermen. Their lands, then, are found in the rough and ancient
Reach of the Haft, cradled within the Blackfang Mountains of the kingdom's spiritual heartland. The House rules its holdings from its seat in Barow's Dell, south-east of their liege's own lands.

The House and its members, often called Owls, have a reputation for cautious observation and sudden strikes, in military, economic and political matters. They tend to be tight-lipped about their affairs as well, even to their allies.

The current head of the House is Davyd Aradin, High Earl of the Barrows, a keen eyed, sharp-witted man who has been known to strike down foes mercilessly and without warning, but always quickly, with a minimum of fuss, or suffering.

The majority of the House's economic activity is concerned with local quarries and the timber industry.


Since days no longer remembered, the symbol of House Aradin has been an owl. It is typically portrayed displayed, on a sable background and argent full moon.

The owl alone, as a pin, embroidered, dyed or forged decoration, or on banners represents the House as well.

Titles and StandingEdit

The head of House Aradin is the Marquis of the Barrows, with the attendant title of Earl of Southbarrow.

House History in BriefEdit

The ancestors of the modern House Aradin were seers and Druids of old in the Clan Years. After Sothar's unification of the kingdom, they continued in that capacity, retaining their homes deep within the Haft of central Keledon, where old ways were long remembered.

During the Bright Years, when Heulyn I and her daughter Bethan the Light ruled as Queens, House Aradin ascended into the nobility through appointment by the pious Heulyn, in 1361 AS.

Their rise continued during the reign of her daughter, when the House became her close ally and prospered under royal favor. However, during the reign of Gendar III, in 1508 AS, the House's leadership passed into the hands of Matahr Aradin, whose reputation as cruel and Machiavellian leader was well deserved. Matahr ruled with an iron fist and a merciless demeanor. While two centuries have passed since Matahr's day, legends and stories of his cruelty are still told in the Haft.

The House returned to royal favor again under the reign of Gendar IV. That venerable king is well remembered for his love of tales of valor, chivalry and daring. One daughter of The House, Mari Aradin, herself became a popular figure of adventure in those days. Her popularity brought the favor of the king onto her family. Subsequently the House went into a period of slow decline, until its fortunes were reversed in 1824 AS, with the coronation of Gendar V. The young king was close with the House's heir, Maeg Aradin, and the two remained close.

In 1860 AS, when Halar III died without issue and his sister, Seldhe, pressed her claim to the throne, House Aradin was an early, ardent and fierce supporter of her claim. When she came to the throne as Heulyn II the young queen remained grateful to the House and they prospered, growing mightily in influence and power.