The roots of House Argawain lie in King Sothar himself, the family springing from one of his daughters. Married to Beothred Argawain, Gwalchwyn became mother to a line containing the royal blood. For this reason, Argawain has always included a crown upon their arms.

Based in the town of Blackford, the largest settlement in the Reach of Blackfordshire, House Argawain has long been antagonistic towards the Crown. Some whisper that the patriarchs of the House believe it is their perogative to sit atop the Falcon Throne of Keledon.

The Blackford RebellionEdit

In 1704 AS Rikard Argawain launched a rebellion against the Crown, attempting to depose Gendar IV and usurp power for himself and his House. Allied with other disgruntled Houses, chiefly Midcliffe, Galdor and Buran, the Argawains launched their attack down the eastern coast of Keledon, pushing towards the capital.

Ultimately the rebellion was a failed one, and Rikard was tried and executed along with the heads of the other houses. Power was removed from the direct lines within their families and passed to cousins or nephews.

Recent HistoryEdit

Today Seldar Argawain holds power as the Duke of Blackford. His is known as a man who adheres strictly to his word--to the letter of his word--and who always honors his debts. He also has a reputation for a severe interpretation of justice and a lack of mercy.

Recently, the Akarthan Duke of Lyns assembled a mercenary force and attacked a farming village to the west of Kindem Hua. He disguised his men in the colors and livery of Argawain, attempting to play on old suspicions to drive a wedge into Keledoni politics. A group of young nobles investigating the attacks was able to clear the House of suspicion and uncovered the true force behind the attack.