House Borudh is the undisputed master of the naval prowess of Keledon .
Martyn Borudh, Prince of the Black Isles, is a seasoned and capable naval commander, and currently serves as Queen Heulyn II 's Master of Sail . Their seat, Black Harbour, is a deep and ice-free harbor, where the House maintains expansive shipbuilding facilities and a port.

The House has always been strongly associated with the sea, and it's banner houses are fellow maritime Houses, for the most part based in the Black Isles as well.


Blue and white waves form the base of the house sigil, atop which sits a wooden ship, sails furled, against a blue sky. The entire image represents, naturally, the House's connection to the sea and its earliest days as raiders and pirates. 

Titles and StandingEdit

The Lord or Lady of House Borudh is the Prince or Princess of the Black Isles. Attendant titles include, currently, High Earl of Stillwater and Baron of Seastone.

House History in BriefEdit

In days long past the ancestors of House Borudh were, as now, sailors. In those days they made their living plundering along the coast, using the Black Isles as a base, and raiding the shipping lines of the Maraseri . The Islanders bent the knee to Sothar well enough, as did the rest of the land. To the Islanders, however, this really meant an agreement not to raid Keledoni lands or ships. So they turned their attentions in earnest to privateering and robbing merchants.

After Palathin's failed invasion of 998 AS, in which Keledon was attacked by sea and over;land through Cardas Pass , King Haledh the Just turned his attention towards naval power. From that time on, House Borudh was a minor one, slowly moving up the ranks of the kingdom's peerage. 

By the reign of King Halar II the House had worked its way into Great House status. In the name of the king it ruled over all of the Black Isles.

In recent years Harm Borudh, the last Prince of the Black Isles, moved the bulk of the House's affairs into shipping and ship-building, and away from privateering and sub rosa piracy. With his passing in 1866 AS, and the rise of his son, Martyn, to the Princedom, a more pragmatic hand has come to the helm. Martyn is well aware of the Crown's distaste for piracy, and so remains extremely discreet. His own son, Artun, appears to be even less scrupulous than his father, which does not bode well for shipping in the western waters of the Maraseri .