House Buran is a minor House who lands are located in the Haft, and whose allegiance is to House Aradin, their liege, and thus to the Great House Morym, rulers of the Haft in the name of the Queen.

The House is based in their small lands, at the holdfast of Highmoon. The Old Ways of the kingdom, still preserved by the people and the Druids, are especially strong in the Haft, and the scions of House Buran are close to the Druids and their ways.

The House is currently ruled by Elinora Buran, Countess of Highmoon, who has ruled her family's holdings since the death of her brother twenty years ago. As he was childless, Elinora's son Aran is now heir to the House and its leadership.

Aran himself has long been an amateur devotee of Druidic and traditional lore, and is fond of long periods of time deep in the woods of the Haft. This was cause for concern for his mother, as entering the Druidic Order would disqualify him as her heir. Rumors claim that the young man's interest in Abeth Aradin may well have had something to do with this.

While the House is not a particularly wealthy one the riches it does possess come primarily from forestry, mining and a little agriculture. The bulk of the House's lands are foothills, blanketed by old-growth forests, a large amount of which are off-limits for forestry due to their sacred nature.

Standard Edit

The standard of House Buran is three interlaced crescent moons.The symbol represents their stewardship of the old ways, of lands within the Haft, and of the people who dwell therein. The symbol is also painted, carved, embroidered, and etched into clothing, armor, and so on. When depicted on a shield or banner the crescents rest on a black field surmounted by a blue Y.