House Kurdwyn has a long and rich history within the realm of Keledon. While it is not one of the most ancient Houses--those who date to the time of King Sothar--its ties to the throne have always been close, especially with House Halad.


Early HistoryEdit

Maeglyr Kurdwyn was a squire who, during the rebellion following the death of Alfor I, proved himself courageous and unfaltering on the battlefield. Knighted, young Kurdwyn would continue to serve throughout the war, following the man who would become Aelfeth II in 1143 AS. Maeglyr would later earn a place in the king's personal guard, and gained an honorable and noble reputation.

Maeglyr's son Haren followed in his father's footsteps, himself becoming a knight and serving his king nobly. Haren's eldest son Garen proved to be a poor swordsman but an adept tactician. In 1203 AS, during the reign of Seidhr I, the Sevens King, Garen's keen eye for tactics and strategy paid off. On one of the king's excursions against the Sennish Garen anticipated and moved against a surprise manover by the enemy army. Earning his own knighthood, Garen was also created the first Baron of Galwydd.

Through further loyal service to the Crown House Galwydd eventually found its rank increased,first to Earl and later to First Earl.

In 1377 AS Alysin Kurdwyn, second daughter of the then-First Earl, was betrothed to, and wed, Prince Halar. She became queen in 1385 AS when he ascended to the Falcon Throne. She became mother to Aelfeth IV.

The Kurdwyns provided another queen to the kingdom when, in 1480 AS, the future Gendar I married Brenna Kurdwyn. During this period, the rank of the House was increased to Marquis.

Rise to ProminenceEdit

The true fortunes of House Kurdwyn were made when, in 1534 AS, Gendar II restored the place of the formerly disgraced House Halad. Moryth, Marquis of Galwydd, wisely married both of his sons to Halad daughters, closely allying himself with the house that would one day occupy the throne.

The third Kurdwyn queen, Sari, was the wife of Gendar III, who died in 1672 AS, without issue. Sari's brother, Raledh, was also the husband of the king's sister. It was Raledh's son Tharun Halad, nephew of the king, who would be declared his heir and later sit the throne as Gendar IV.

During the Two Moons War with Akaryth, House Kurdwyn distinguished itself admirably. Two of its sons were among the founding members of the Order of the Griffon, and House Kurdwyn has always been represented among their numbers. In honour of Kurdwyn's loyalty and vigilance, Kaylia I granted the House the right to bear furs upon their arms. She also elevated the rank of the House to Duke, creating thereby the Duchy of Galwydd.

The current Duke of Galwydd, Maeglin Kurdwyn, is a close advisor of Queen Heulyn II, and sits on her Council as High Steward of the Realm.