In the ancient days before King Sothar united the peninsula and forged the kingdom of Keledon, the progenitors of House Morym were kings in the Haft , one of the most ancient and sacred parts of the land. The roots of their House are found there, and to this day they rule the Reach of the Haft in the name of the monarch of 



The House is based in Keldhwen, a fortress and small town built long ago atop a foothill of the Blackfang Mountains. The fortress takes advantage of one of the strong points of House Morym--an intimate knowledge of their surroundings and an intuitive ability to exploit them. There are hidden ways, it is said, in and out of the fortress.

The House has a reputation for nobility, chivalry and adventure--two centuries ago, two of its sons, together with their cousin, became dashing and heroic figures of great renown throughout the land; remembered as the Three Lions of Morym, there is not a bard or tale-weaver in all of Keledon without at least a handful of songs or stories about them.

The current head of the house is Arthim kesMorym, Prince of the Haft, a dour and grim man, but pious in the fashion of his people. 


For most of the history of the House, its standard was sable, a bend argent, to dexter a golden lion rampant. Since the days of the Three Lions, the House has replaced the lion rampant with three golden lions passant.

The lion alone is used as a symbol of the House as well, usually on a field of black. As such it is found in embroidery, architechture, on the hilts of swords and painted on shields, and so on.

While the lion is not an animal native to Keledon, it's use by House Morym is explained as being symbolic of a power and majesty from afar, and the Morym claim their ancestry is rooted in a liason between a woman of their line and a prince of the Land Behind.