Crest of House Windmere

Windmere is a high-ranking noble house within the kingdom of Keledon. It's traditional seat of power is in the port city of Kalabar, located along the southern shore of the kingdom in the Reach of Kalabarshire. The ranking lord of the house holds the title Marquis of Kalabarshire. The current Marquis, Joryn Windmere, also serves as Master of the Purse to Queen Heulyn II.


The traditional device of the House displays a stylized dolphin on a field of blue, representing the marine trade that enriched the family. Three moons across a silver bar represent rise of the house to prominence.


House Windmere rose to prominence slowly over the course of two centuries. Originally a family of the Low Nobility, and bannermen of the mightier (and now extinct) House Eothred, the Windmere star began to rise in the 1500s AS when the progenitor of the current line, Maris Windmere, managed to absorb the lands of other small houses during the course of one small rebellion or another.

By 1580 AS Maris and his sons found their House raised to an Earldom.