The Hrogar are a large, scattered people that populate the Great Wilderness north of the settled lands surrounding the Sea of Marath and the Maraseri. While they are technologically weak (compared to their neighbours) they are highly advanced socially but are often considered barbarians or wildmen by other peoples.

According to their own legends, the Hrogar are decended from a great chief of the same name, who lived many generations ago. Each of his ten sons became founder of one of the great clans that still exist today. For example, Sulou's decendants are known as the Wolf Clan, taking as their totem the Great Wolf spirit. The ten tribes are as follows: Wolf; Raven; Horse; Hawk; Bear; Deer; Owl; Cougar; Turtle; and Beaver.

Each tribe has its own particular customs, beliefs and lore but each the others as part of a great, extended family. This doesn't mean that strife and conflict do not arise but when they do there is far more elegance and respect in the conduct of these battles than among so-called civilized people. Once a year, by tradition, the chiefs of each clan gather at the site of Hrogar Kharan's tomb in council. There they arbitrate disputes, trade and alliances.