The Hrogar Clan Freehold are a vast, open and untamed wilderness that dominate the northern portion of Amallon. Consisting of wide, grassy plains, expansive forests and the foothills north of the mountain ranges that isolate them from the Settled Lands.

In the extreme north the Freeholds give way to tundra and a vast wilderness. The center of the land is dominated by a massive lake

The land is dominated by nomadic tribes descended from Hrogar Kharan, and organized into ten great clans.

There is no central government that rules over the freeholds. Instead each tribe is governed by its own chief and his advisors. Semi-regular grand councils are held in which the leaders of each clan gather to negotiate, ally and so forth.

Passage through the various mountain ranges that seperate the Freeholds from the Settled Lands is difficult but certainly not impossible. In years past the occassional raid over the mountains into Akaryth or Ravenna was not unheard of. In the last decade or so, as of 1875 AS, such raids have been remarkably infrequent.