The Ironfists are a range of steep, nearly impassable mountains in the southern portion of Amallon. The range begins in the northern section of Ravenna, then marches south and south-west, cradling Garthur and Akaryth. There the range splits. The southern spur forms the border region between Keledon and Akaryth. The northern spur rolls into gentle hills and rushing rivers on its western side, where the small kingdoms of Trenn and Sen are found.

In ages past the Mardukim had strongholds in the range--especially the stretch between Keledon and Akaryth. Only small communities of that people still remain in the range today. Explorers have claimed that there are rich deposits of gold, iron, gems and other valuable metals and minerals in parts of the range. However the steep, unforgiving walls of the mountains and their often sudden and violent storms make exploiting these riches nearly impossible.

Near the southern end of the Keledon-Akaryth spar lies Cardas Pass, the one reliable crossing over this stretch. Traditionally, Cardas Pass has played a prominent role in tensions and wars between the nations it connects; on the Keledon side it is protected by Brand Keep and its vigilant company. The pass is steep and a difficult one to traverse but remains the only option apart from marine routes.