Joryn WIndmere, Marquis of the Southlands

Joryn Windmere, Marquis of the Southlands, First Earl of Kalabar and Baron of Merrich (b. 1832 AS), is the current head of House Windmere and Master of the Purse to Queen Heulyn II.

As head of one of the wealthiest of the Noble Houses, Joryn possesses considerable influence within the kingdom of Keledon. He has held the position of Master of the Purse for the last decade, and has proven himself well-suited to the task. Eager to maintain complete control over all his holdings, the river connecting Kalabar with the capital is a boon for Windmere, as the ease of traveling between the two has allowed him to maintain control over his family's resources without handing any of them over to an underling.


Joryn Windmere was born in 1832 AS, first son and firstborn child of Talan Windmere  and his wife, Mellyn. Raised in the port city of Kalabar, Joryn grew up in the lap of luxury. He showed no real talent with martial pursuits as a young man, but had a keen mind and penetrating insight in financial and economic matters. By his late teens his business sense had enriched the already considerable coffers of House Windmere . Joryn was also smitten by the works of Solva Sabo, and developed a wanderlust that threatened to consume him.

In 1852 AS Joryn was given command of one of the trading fleets maintained by his House. Electing to play it safe, he loaded his ships with Keledoni wool, wood, grains, and other products, as well as a small shipment of Sennish steel. He reached the great eastern city of Qondi in 1853 AS and made his fortune by chance. A famine had befallen the lands surrounding the Shining City, and Joryn's arrival, laden with grain, made him a savior of the city. He subsequently developed and won lucrative trade contracts that allowed him increase his fortunes, and those of his House, considerably.


Crest of House Windmere

In 1855 AS Joryn wed Marya Maeleth. Through her he has one son, William, and two daughters, Anya and Kerra.

In 1858 AS, when Joryn was 26 years old, Talan Windmere died of an infected wound suffered when thrown from his horse during a hunt. Joryn then ascended to headship of House Windmere and became Marquis of Kalabar.

In 1860 AS King Halar III died, and his uncle, Balar, challenged Halar's sister Seldhe for the throne of Keledon. Joryn threw his support behind Seldhe, who ultimately won and came to the Falcon Throne in 1863 AS as Heulyn II.

In 1865 AS Joryn was called to serve as Master of the Purse on the Queen's Council . He has occupied this post ever since, proving himself loyal to the crown and discharging his duties creatively and, relatively, honestly.

Current Activities Edit

In addition to serving as Master of the Purse, Windmere today continues to manage the large fleet of merchant vessels belong to his family. He has managed to make some respectable inroads into the Golden Triangle of trade between the Three Jewels, no small feat for a family not from one of those cities. He also runs a regular route south to Arenar and the city of Shatiulbar.

Windmere's skill with business and business dealings has helped him to maintain close relations with his banner houses, especially Houses Korbin and Holt. Both Houses have gained some measure of profit through association with their liege's mercantile pursuits.

Windmere has also spearheaded an initiative to improve the dock facilities of Kalabar; in recent years he has constructed several new piers and warehouse facilities to service them.