A listing of some Keledoni songs, with a few notes on each. Useful for game flair for players of bards and so on.

Ballads and EpicsEdit

Fire and Water presents an imaginary conversation between the mages of the Company of the Crescent Moon, Kyriana and Tarantar. Over its verses each presents a different philosophy and approach to the world.

Ishura is a Keledoni translation of the old Alindorean epic Ishsúra Hélé Vamékirak, the 'Song of Most Thunderous Autumn'. It is a tragic tale of doomed love between two Ashan.

King and the Oak, The is an epic musical telling of the tale of King Sothar's defeat by Halm Six-Fisted, subsequent asylum with the Druids, and eventual victory. It tends to be a favorite among soldiers.

Midsummer's Pride is a somber, minor key song concerning the adventures of the Three Lions of Morym. It is also known for several puns on the dual meaning of 'pride' when referencing lions.

Raunchy SongsEdit

Lying With a Lion is a rollicking, bawdy song about the Three Lions of Morym and their reputed love of wine and women. The chorus plays on the pun between 'lion' and 'lying', underscoring humourous half-truths told by the Lions to women.

The Maiden of Rivermeet is an outrageously raunchy ballad about a cunning maiden who uses her wiles to fleece everyone of their goods, from a poor farmer to the local lord.

Meat and Honey tells the story of a young man desperately trying to win the heart of the local innkeeper's daughter. Full of suggestive turns of phrase and double-meanings, the song plays on the Keledoni peasants' expression "plying her with meat and honey", refering to courtship.

The Wolf of the Great Green Wood is a popular drinking song about a hunter who chases after women, usually getting them, until he meets his match.

Sad Songs, and Songs of MourningEdit

The Autumn Rains of Woodmere is a sad song mourning the end of summer and, by allegory, of youth.

The Maid of the Cove is a sad song about a woman mourning her lover, lost at sea. It is a favorite in The Isles.

Satire, ComedyEdit

Balar the Bear: A humorous take on Balar's Rebellion, mocking the failed usurper. Not liked by House Alens due to the use of the bear.

The Falcon's Son is a long song that pokes fun at Akaryth in every verse. It plays heavily on the potential pun between 'son' and 'sun'.

Fist for the Six Fisted is a humorous song about King Sothar's eventual defeat of Halm the Six-Fisted.