Intermediate Power (NE)

Portolio: lust, temptation, seduction, bloodlust, hedonism

Aliases: Mother Night

Domain Name:

Superior: none

Symbol: Kenetha's worshipers rarely carry an item that can readily identify them.

The GoddessEdit

Kenetha is a goddess feared across Amallon. She is the queen of lust, deception, manipulation and temptation and therefore finds a dark place in the hearts of all people. The origins of her worship are unknown but
Purgatori Egyptian
undoubtledly ancient--her veneration was known in the days before Alindor, nearly three thousand years ago. Those who study the realms beyond the physical disagree concerning Kenetha; some claim she is a goddess (although a dark and evil one) in her own right; others claim she is a Queen and mother of demons. She is usually depicted as a hellish, red-skinned woman of incredible beauty and frequently clad in very little. Classically demonic features usually complete the picture, including leathery wings, horns and fangs.

In Salashar prostitutes

Kenetha is worshiped under many different names. Sometimes these are aliases used by her worshipers to conceal the truth of their faith; other times a people have simply found their own name for her. The Blood Queen's worship seems to have arisen independant of any other religious tradition; for this reason Kenetha is not said to have any true enemies. She has become known in many religions, however, and under different names is portrayed as the great temptress and stealer of virtue. Tharan teaches that she is the Mother of Night who tempted Hathan the Veyshaa on his Vigil while Damwa depicts her as a spirit of bloodlust and passion whose desire is so strong that the world must suffer to satisfy her. Legends and myths concerning her portray her as clever and cunning, adept at finding the weaknesses in a victim's heart and exploiting their innermost desires; more than once she has been the end of a noble warrior or knight who has fallen to her charms and lost his soul. Some legends place fallen paladins as her favorite servants; most say that female demons such as sucubi are hers to command.

The FaithfulEdit

Kenetha's worshipers are often solitary individuals, quietly serving their mistress behind the scenes. Most are drawn by her promise to grant them their desires in her service, so long as they serve her aims in this life. Thus her worship can involve any of the lusts of mortals--sex, money, power, fame and so forth. These aims involve the use of temptation and desire to lure the unsuspecting into succumbing in her name, and thus losing their souls to her. Some placed highly in society--such as Iliya of Matlisan--have tugged at the strings of political power while others work their mischief within their own homes and neighbourhoods. The goal of worship is to induce a frenzy of desire in the participants, an uncontrollable urge towards some vice or other, as an offering to the Lady of Lusts. To this end, priest/esses of Kenetha will quietly form small clans of followers who meet secretly and combine their efforts towards specific ends. Generally, most will be unaware they are consorting with a Kenetha worshiper for the priest/esses take great pains to hide their true nature and motivation. More rarely clans of initiates will form, in which several priest/esses will gather under a single charismatic leader to work towards greater ends. New moons are favored times for outdoor gatherings, but hidden places beneath the ground are prefered.

On a day to day basis Kenethan priest/esses conduct their lives rather normally, but always keeping an eye open for an opportunity. For Kenethans, the greater the reputation destroyed, the greater the shame brought onto a victim, the greater the fall, the more valuable the prize.

Kenetha's worship is shunned and despised in all of the Settled Lands. The association of the Demon Queen with temptation, strife and corruption makes her worship anathema to civilization. Despite this universal persecution, Kenetha's worship has never been stamped out. In some areas her worship is a capital offense. Becoming an initiate of Kenetha does not confer the same kind of spells and power that most religions grant. Instead the new priest/ess enters into a pact with Kenetha according to the layout in Spells and Magic. Thereby powers are granted and a price ultimately paid for them.

Player NotesEdit

+an evil, lustful goddess whose worshipers are selfish and evil

+people worship her with strife and blood

+stories say you can sell her soul to her for power. Her evil followers are driven out wherever they are found.