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The great capital city of the kingdom of Keledon has been settled for years uncounted. It was a small town in the days of Alindor, marking the outermost limits of that empire's western frontiers. In the Alinduri language the place was called kindem hua, or 'Place of the Falcon'. The location's association with birds of prey predates the Alindorian name; the clan that claimed the site was called, in Selmari, Hualo, 'Hawkwind'. This was, of course, the clan to which Sothar himself belonged. Today the city is more commonly called by names in the common tongue: Hawksholme, the City, or less often simply 'Falcon'. 

The city is the traditional seat of power for the Keledoni monarchy, and home of the monarch. It rests near the center of the region traditionally known as the Kingslands, which exist under the direct rule of the monarch. The town of Hawksbridge, site of great and formative events in the kingdom's history, also lies within the region.


A great swath of rich and fertile farmland surrounds the city, governed directly by the monarch as part of the royal holdings. Within the kingdom's peerage the monarch gains the title Duke / Duchess of the Kingslands (the highest of the non-royal titles). Rivers, both major and minor, crisscross the region, which stretches along the Sinya Tea as far south as Hawksbridge, and as far north as halfway to Havan.

The city itself is built along the shores of a great lake. Not far from its shores a steep hill rises, a river curving long its base towards its meeting with the lake. The royal castle, Hawksholme, sits atop the hill, which provides it with excellent defenses.

Between the hill and lake the city stretches out, with rougher and poorer areas found closer to the docks and in the extreme east, well beyond the heart of the city. Greywater River provides a waterway north towards Havan.

The worst and most notorious area of the city is The Noose, named for the shape of a curving road.

The older core of the city is surrounded by thick and high walls, although the urban area itself has expanded well beyond them. Along the walls' tops, every so often, are great carved statues of hawks. Local legends claim that they will come to life in some dark time and save the city.


The city is ruled directly by the monarch, often through members of the King's Council. The City Watch wears the livery of the kingdom--a golden hawk on red--and is led by a royal appointee. 

Much of the commerce in the city is overseen by guilds, which report ultimately to the King's Council. Taxes and tariffs are collected by the City Watch both at the gates and within the city itself.

A series of social services are offered within the city--under the leadership of the High Steward the roads are kept clean and bridges in good repair. 

Player NotesEdit

-Also called 'Hawksholme' and 'Falcon', Kindem Hua is the capital city of Keledon, and dwelling place of the queen.

-The city was made famous by Sothar Huailo, a legendary king who united the entire land.