King Valeyr III (b. 1831 AS) is the absolute monarch and king of Akaryth.


Valeyr III was born in 1831 AS as Lasard, second son of King Valeyr II and his wife, Saleen. Lasard's older brother, Saman, succumbed to a mysterious illness and died in 1850 AS, making Lasard the new heir to the throne of Akaryth and the House of Fal-Morcham.

Lasard was called to trial not long after, as accusations of poison were bandied about. Although the trial was controversial, Lasard was found innocent of wrongdoing and the poisoning of his brother placed on the head of Gianco Azurmere, an ambassador from the city-state of Alysur. Following his execution, Lasard led a fleet to attack the island nation in retalitation for the death of his brother. In 1852 AS he succeeded in breaking the defenses of the city (albeit with secret aid from Sitadori and Deici) and sacking it.

Returning victorious, Lasard was given control of a large portion of his family's holdings. He soon proved himself to be equally just and cruel, carrying out judgement and issuing punishment according to the strictest dictates of the law of the kingdom.

When Valeyr II died in 1856 AS, Lasard ascended to the throne as Valeyr III. As king his reputation for strict enforcement of the law continued to be validated.

In 1857 AS, Valeyr III unsuccessfuly proposed an alliance with the Keledoni House of Halad; an alliance he wished to cement through marriage with the young Seldhe Halad. Seldhe refused the offer of marriage, recognizing the second-class position she would occupy as a foreigner in Akaryth, as well as a woman. Her brother, Halad III, refused the marriage as well, seeking to avoid any potential Akarthan claim to the throne of Keledon. Valeyr III was not so easily disuaded; he offered marriage again in 1860 AS, when Seldhe's uncle Balar attempted to seize the throne of Keledon after the death of Halad III. Refused again, he offered a third time in 1864 AS after Seldhe came to the throne as Heulyn II.

Valeyr III had remained king at a time when his realm is in a slow decline. A famine in the late 1850s AS hit the kingdom hard, and while it was resolved the following year it dealt a blow to the Akarthan economy. Ocassional murmurs of rebellion were quickly and harshly dealt with.

Valeyr III spent a good deal of the 1860s AS in a series of smaller military campaigns against the Hrogar to his north, and engaged in border disputes with both Ravenna and Garthur. Most were unsuccessful or came to a draw.

As of the current year, 1875 AS, Valeyr III continues to occupy the throne of Akaryth, and has begun to seek out the Sceptre of Martel, believing that only the recovery of the complete Regalia of Akaryth can reverse the fortunes of his troubled nation. There are others, however, who place the blame for the state of affairs on the shoulders of the king himself.

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