The list of kings of the realm of Akaryth, in line since that land was divided, as one, by the Treaty of Abassard.

House Ardalane, the House of the realm's first king, gave rise to the next

five as well.

When the Crown passed to House Etaro in 978 AS a dynasty was founded that would cover a century and a half, and the reigns of fifteen kings. It would end with the War of the Savages, to be replaced at the war's end by the House of Avondelle in 1257.

Avondelle would produce sons for the throne for one hundred and forty years/ In the reign of its last king, Lorthere II, the crown was overthrown by rebellion and a protectorate established, to govern, apparently, by the will of the people. Three decades later, this protectorate would fall with the War of the Coming Dawn, in which kingship was restored through the House of L'Courman, which dynasty endured from 1437 until 1661--some 224 years.

When that proud dynasty produced no sons it continued through the line of its eldest daughter and her husband, who ruled as Rolard II, first king of House Fal-Morcham, which continues to occupy the Sapphire Throne today, 214 years later.

House of Ardalane

852-889                Martel I

889-902                Velayn I

902-925                Courmon the Saintly

925-943                Velayn II

943-963                Piar I the Miser

963-978                Laseyr

House of Etaro

978-987                Piar II

 987-1012             Palathin the Blue

1012-1034            Martel II

1034-1042            Losard I

1042-1055            Laseyr II the Pious

1055-1083            Martel III the Proud

1083-1098            Piar III

1098-1130            Robere I the Solemn

1130-1143            Laseyr II

1123-1164            Lothere I

1164-1192            Courmon II

1192-1213            Robere II the Bloody

1213-1231            Losard II

1231-1251            Losard III

1251-1254            Losard IV the Unready

1254-1257            War of the Savages

House of Avondelle

1257-1265            Courmon III the Redeemer

1265-1273            Losard V

1273-1298            Robere III

1298-1317            Charl I the Golden

1317-1342            Perayn III

1342-1383            Martel IV

1383-1399            Lorthere II the Defiant

1400-1432            Government by the Protectorate

1432-1437            The War of the Coming Dawn

House of L’Courmen

1437-1456            Charl II

1456-1483            Lorthere III

1483-1521            Piar IV

1521-1556            Rolard I the Explorer

1556-1571            Aldarn I

1571-1595            Charl III the Pincher

1595-1618            Aldarn II

1618-1648            Charl IV the Knight-King

1648-1661            Charl V

House of Fal Morcham:

1661-1680            Rolard II

1680-1702            Aldarn III the Elegant

1702-1715            Piar V

1715-1741            Charl VI the Blessed

1741-1774            Valeyr I

1774-1803            Rolard III

1803-1828            Charl VII

1828-1856            Valeyr II the Stern

1856-present     Valeyr III