Since Keledon was brought together and united under Sothar KesGalen in 946 AS it has been ruled by kings and queens who have all born some measure of his blood. These lords and ladies, and the years of the reigns, are listed below.

946-967 Sothar kesGalen (Huailo, Hawkwind; Falconwing)

976-1012 Haledh the Just

1012-1046 Halad I

1046-1091 Aelfeth I

1091-1139 Alfor I

1139-1143 rebellion

1143-1176 Aelfeth II

1176-1215 Seidhr I 'of Sevens' – abolished primogeniture

1215-1252 Aelfeth III

1252-1271 Haren I

1271-1312 Laren I

1312-1355 Haren II

1355-1375 Heulyn (first queen)

1375-1385 Bethan the Light 2nd q

1385-1435 Halar I

1435-1463 Aelfeth IV

1463-1489 Alfor II

1489-1512 Gendar I

1512-1534 Seithr II

1534-1557 Gendar II

1557-1592 Halar II

1592-1643 Kadhr I

1643-1672 Gendar III

1672-1730 Gendar IV 'the Venerable'

1730-1779 Kaliya I

1779-1810 Alfor III

1810-1824 Kaliya II

1824-1845 Gendar V (came to throne as a teen)

1845-1860 Halar III (elder brother of heulyn II)

1860-1864 war of succession

1864-pres Heulyn II