Kozurg is a great, sweeping land cradled between the mountains of eastern Amallon. From the foothills ringing the mountains the land sweeps downwards into a wide, open plain consisting largely of steppes, with the exception of a hot and arid desert near the center of the land.

Dominating the northwestern portion of the land is a vast, shallow lake, fed by the rainwaters and melting snows of the mountains. Rivers flowing outward from this lake, as well as others originating in the mountains, feed the plains before running down towards the sea. There is otherwise little water, and therefore few trees, the rest of the land being covered generally in grasses and bushes.

A large population of wild horses roams the steppes; their quality is said to be unsurpassed in that part of the world. Within their lines is an especially striking lineage; they are known as a proud and noble breed, easily identified by a bluish tint to their manes and tails and the pale colour of their eyes. Rarely will they tolerate a rider and the local people say they can not be tamed or broken.

Kozurg is sparsely populated, its inhabitants varying between groups of nomadic bands and smaller, settled communities. There are no large settlements in the land, with the exception of two small trading towns that have risen along the Golden Road and survive by providing shelter, rest and refreshment to the trade caravans following the lucrative route.

Kozurg is remembered by many as the land from which Hrogar Kharan came, before his flight to the wilderness of northwestern Amallon.

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