The length of day and night varies throughout the year in Aralath, but dramatically. The winter solstice is marked by a period of 24 continuous hours of darkness across the entire world. It has many names in many tongues, but all mean Longest Night. In the reckoning of Amallon it marks the change between the months of Fading Sun and Young Sun.

The occasion is marked differently by different cultures and religious traditions. In much of Amallon, where the High Path is the dominant religion, Longest Night is the time when evil forces are most able to move about. Services are held in temples and in homes, characterized by shared food, song and prayer.

To the Tharani, it is the time of year when their god, Ulaan, has his face turned completely to the Otherworld. To the Keledoni and the people of the Sixlunds it is the night when spirits move between worlds, and the Great Hunt roams the skies.