The Magedar, or saints, are great figures venerated by the members of The High Path. Within that religion, the One (the supreme being) is considered too vast, too powerful, and too far beyond mortal ken to interact with the mortal world. The Magedar, however, act as deputies, hearing the prayers of the faithful, and sometimes, it is believed, interceding on behalf of mortal followers.

The High Path is made up of religious, priestly orders, each of which is centered around one of the Magedar. The head of each order is the High Priest/ess of that saint.

There are many Magedar, but eight of them are considered the most important. The High Priest/esses of those eight orders form the Inner Conclave of the Silent.

Terminology Edit

The term 'Magedar' is plural. The masculine singluar is "Mago"; the feminine singular is "Maga". While the word means 'saint' it tends to go untranslated in local languages. Thus, in Akaryth, a town might be called "Mago Luyana" "Saint Luyan's", instead of using the Kendish word "Peyr" (as in "Peyr Luyana", or "Saint Luyan's").

The Eight Edit

The most prominent eight of the Magedar are the nuclei of the eight High Orders. The highest leadership of these eight orders form the Inner Conclave, the elite governing body of the Faith, and highest members of the Conclave. The primary Magedar, and the color associated with their orders, are:

  • Aratar the Shattered (royal blue)
  • Elban the Wanderer (brown)
  • Garne the Victorious (crimson)
  • Marah the Black (black)
  • Marith the Devout (azure)
  • Skarya the Sorrowful of Lur Calend (purple)
  • Verus the Just (gray)
  • Yulana the Beloved (emerald green)

The Eight are venerated throughout all lands where the High Path has a presence. All eight of them are invoked in the opening prayers of any of the Faith's services, and many popular hymns are nine verses long (one for each of the Eight, and a final for the One).

Next to the Archpriest/ess, the Inner Conclave are the most powerful and influential members of a faith that encompasses millions.

The Low Orders Edit

The other orders are known as the Low Orders (the term is not pejorative). The High Priest/esses of the Low Orders, together with those of the Eight, form the Conclave of the Silent. While the Eight Orders have solid, single colors representing them, the Low Orders usually must, due to limited colors, choose two, or a pattern, to represent them. For example, the Order of Saint Bashar, patron of sailors, uses white and green (representing sea foam) to represent themselves. The Order of Saint Luyan, on the other hand, uses the symbol of the sun on a white background.