Maraseri (Al. "Sea of the Moon" or "Moonsea", but also "Mothersea") is a great ocean that occupies the area between Torthalon and Arenar. To the south it is nearly cut off, with one

The expanse of Maraseri.

narrow strait providing access to the southern seas. To the north Maraseri narrows as well, opening again into the great Sapphire Bay.

Although the sea has different names in different tongues, the Alindorean-derived name Maraseri is the most commonly used, generally across languages as well.

The sea is heavily plied by trade vessels and ships. The Golden Road from the furthest east ends in Matlisan, while Deici receives goods from the southlands and Sitadori from Amallon and the west. Maraseri is therefore the central region for trade and economic growth in that part of the world.

In the image to the left the extend of Maraseri is visible; in the upper left the Alagar Peninsula, wherein lies Keledon, is visible. Just to the southeast of centre is the island nation of Deici, home to the Archpriest/ess of the High Path. The northeastern reaches of Arenar occupy the lower left.

Parts of the ocean are very deep, and frequent rains and storms lash parts of it.