The nobility of Akaryth consists of many noble houses. A few are Great Houses, the rest major and minor ones. A House possessed of its own bannermen is generally major. In Akaryth titles are unchanging, they can be stripped, or additional titles added, but the promotion or demotion of noble titles (as is possible in Keledon) is not part of the Akarthan tradition. The noble ranks of the kingdom, beginning with the monarch, are:


King / Queen

Royal Prince / Princess


Duke / Duchess


Marquis / Marquess



Baron / Baroness



  • Esquire is the rank to which most landed gentlemen belong. It is far more common than even the chevalric 'Sir'.

Naturally, multiple titles may belong to the same individual. Akarthan heraldry obeys the rule of tinctures--a metal and a tincture may appear together, but not two of the same.

Forms of AddressEdit

All nobles are styles "Lord" or "Lady", beginning with the rank of Baron. Knights are styled 'Sir', while Esquires are entitled to use 'Mister'.

The king is referred to as "Your Grace" or "His Grace".