Palathin the Blue the first of his name, Duke of Morcham, Seneschal of Angourre, Prince of Lorrar, Marquis of Barath, Vicount of Chanui, Heir of Luyan and by the grace of the One and all the Holy Magedar, King of all Akaryth and Lord of the Dawn ruled as the eighth king of that realm. He is remembered as an ambitious and courageous king who lead an ultimately disastrous invasion of Keledon through Cardas Pass in 998 AS. Ending in the decisive Battle of Hawksbridge in 1003, the defeat set Akarthan power back a generation.

Following that defeat, and returning home cowed, Palathin turned his attention inward, towards his own realm, becoming in the process the sort of king he perhaps should have been to begin with. He began a slow process of restoration that continued under succeeding kings, repairing and expanding roads,

He was born in Morcham in 969 AS to King Piar II, Lord of House Alare of Sengral and his wife, Queen Elyse.