The kingdom of Keledon is divided into many smaller regions, or Reaches. This page provides a list of the Reaches along with a few additional details.


Blackfordshire: Ruled by House Argawain

Culain ruled by House Alens

Dalelands ruled by House Ebethar

Elbana: Ruled by House Derthion

The Haft: Ruled by House Morym

Lothyan: Ruled by House Kurdwyn

The Isles: Ruled by House Borudh

Kalabarshire: Ruled by House Windmere

Kingsland: Ruled directly by the monarch

Knightshome: Ruled by the Baron of Knightshome

North Avendur: Ruled by House Caerwyn

South Avendur: Ruled by House Dreigar

Southmarches: Ruled by House Terwin

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