Rendar Alens, Duke of Blackmoor; Marquis of Culain; High Earl of Eldyn; and Count of Westhill; Master of House Alens and Lord Warden of the Realm, born in 1833 AS in Keledon, is a skilled warrior, adept general, and current head of House Alens. As such he rules the Reach of Culain in the name of Queen Heulyn II.

During Balar's Rebellion, in which Heulyn's uncle attempted to usurp the throne, Rendar proved himself on the battlefield, displaying a loyalty to the throne and to Heulyn herself that earned him a place among her council, where he has remained ever since.

Rendar is an enormous man, standing head and shoulders above other men. His strength and size are such that he has been known to wield two-handed swords in a single gauntleted fist, and rare are the horses able to bear his weight.

Birth and Early LifeEdit

Rendar was born in 1833 AS, in Blackmoor Castle, to Garen Alens, Duke of Blackmoor, and his wife, Shayleen. From an early age he displayed incredible strength and a natural skill with sword, lance and axe. Always a willful and defiant child, Rendar was prone to frequent absences as he roamed the hills and forests of Culain hunting and riding with his companions. His early education was a source of frustration to both his father and his teachers; Rendar took to military and historical subjects with a keen interest but was far less willing to study languages, diplomacy and similar subjects. His love of drinking and carousing was also sometimes an embarrassment to his family.

As a young man he aspired to join the ranks of the Knights of the Griffon; however his wild ways and lack of willingness to complete his studies, or to take his duties seriously, ruined his chances at such.

Balar's RebellionEdit

Upon the death of King Halar III in 1860 AS, his brother Balar launched an open rebellion against Halar's daughter Seldhe, the legal heir to the throne. House Alens immediately pledged its support to the young woman, and Rendar's tactical and strategic genius was instrumental in bringing her to the throne, a feat accomplished in 1864 AS. During the course of the rebellion, Rendar's father died (in 1861 AS), having been felled by an arrow and

The arms of House Alens

succumbing to a festering wound. As the new Duke of Blackmoor, the realities of leadership soon impressed themselves on Rendar, who quickly realized the importance of the lessons he had shirked as a child. War was a harsh teacher, however, and Rendar quickly learned how to use his natural charm and likeablility to his own advantage.

Rendar himself participated in many of the battles of the war; it was he who struck off the head of Shar of Midcliffe, head of House Midcliffe, who had allied themselves with Balar.

During the war Rendar became fast friends with Theo of Aldwyn and Will Haleson, finding in them not only loyal and fierce companions but also learning a respect for the commoners of the kingdom and their needs. It was Rendar himself who suggested their elevation to the Low Nobility, and he knighted the two himself on the battlefield.

Following the Rebellion, Queen Heulyn II (as Seldhe became known) appointed Rendar to her council as Lord Warden--the head of her military forces. He has remained in this role ever since, serving loyally and faithfully.