Rhumed, the Spawn of Velhandres and Night Scourge of the Settled Lands was once a powerful and influential Tharani priest. At some point in his life he fell under the sway of darker powers than those he served; whispers say he turned to the dark ceremonies of the cult of Vual of the Unblinking Eye. Others call him a worshiper of Dark Akhem. Regardless of which dark power he venerated, it is known that he came to meet, and serve, the dark blasphemy men call Velhandres.

Early LifeEdit

Rhumed was born in 1392 AS in Salashar, into the family of a Tharani priest and his wife. The young child was pious enough, and eagerly learned the lessons his instructors had to offer. By the time he had completed his education and entered the Tharani priesthood Rhumed had gained a reputation for wisdom, insight and keen understanding.

At this time Ashura had begun its rise, and Tharan was declared the state religion by the Emperor. His reputation sterling and his references impeccable, Rhumed was offered a position of influence within the state's organized priesthood. He accepted.

His subsequent career was highly successful as he spread the words of the Veshyaar throughout the lands he tended and brought many to the worship of Ulaan.

According to the accounts surviving from the day, the great plague that ravaged much of Torthalon in the years 1429-31 AS claimed as its victim Rhumed's beloved wife. Furious with the inability of Ulaan and his priesthood to save her, Rhumed cast off his vestments and rode forth from Asharat is anger and grief. He was not seen again as a living man.


Sometime between 1431 and 1445 AS Rhumed encountered members of small and sinister cult worshiping one of the Dark Powers. Which is not specifically known, but what is certain is Rhumed was brought before the Endless Death Velhandres, tales of which still frighten children and adults alike.


In 1770 AS Rhumed's hidden citadel was discovered by Dale of Havan and Kyriana Alqaviliya. Riding with a force of Griffon Knights, Dale engaged the foul abomination while Kyriana fought to unmake the spells that protected and sustained him. Rhumed was finally cast down and destroyed by Dale, but not before unleashing a foul spell that ended the life of the noble warrior.