The High Council of Keledon is the appointed body of advisors that aids the monarch in the running of the kingdom. During the reign of a king, the group is called the King's Council; during the reign of a queen, the Queen's Council. The exact extent of each member's authority is set by the monarch. Some kings are heavily involved in the running of their kingdom while others are content to leave all the politics, budgets, and diplomacy to their advisors.

Each member of the council is appointed by the monarch and retains his or her title only so long as the monarch allows it. The sole exception to this rule is that of the Druidic representative, who is chosen from among three candidates submitted by the Grand Druid and his or her council. Each member of the Council is styled "Lord High N", where N is the title, thus, "Lord HIgh Chancellor" or "Lord High Master of the Purse" (the latter, and "Lord High Master of Sail" are sometimes rendered "Lord High Sailmaster or Pursemaster".

Each member of the Council bears a chain of office as well; these golden chains are skillfully worked and consist of links in the shape of hawks. A medallion specific to the office depends from each. The Druidic representative alone is untitled and unadorned.

Roles on the CouncilEdit

Typically, there are six members of the Council, each with a specific title and portfolio. At times the monarch may add to this number, but rarely has any king of queen sought to make due with fewer. The six positions, and their portfolios, are as follow:

1) High Steward: The High Steward occupies one of the chief positions within the Council. The upkeep of palaces and royal castles is his responsibility, as is the maintenance of the kingdom's infrastructure, including roads, bridges and so forth. Sacred sites must also be protected under his watch. He is sort of a minister of the interior. The High Steward often operates the kingdom's spy network as well, although this is not a hard and fast rule. The badge of office is a hammer.

2) High Chancellor: An important role, the High Chancellor is the Keeper of the Royal Seal and advisor to the monarch. Diplomacy falls under the purview of the High Chancellor, who often meets with ambassadors and other dignitaries in the monarch's name. Important petitions are often passed through the High Chancellor, who determines their worthiness to be taken before the throne. The High Chancellor is also a sort of deputy monarch, and sometimes speaks for the king or queen in his or her absence. The badge of office is a crown.

3) Master of the Purse: The chief treasurer of the kingdom, the Master of the Purse is responsible for the raising of taxes, funding of royal and civic projects, and the settling of debts incurred by the Crown. The badge of office is a golden disc.

4) Lord Warden: The position of Lord Warden is that of commander of the kingdom's military forces, with the exception of the navy. When levies are required, it is the Lord Warden's job to see to them and, in military matters, he is the chief advisor to the throne. The badge of office is a shield.

5) Master of Sail: Just as the Lord Warden above, except this portfolio is linked solely to naval forces, including their construction and maintenance. The badge of office is a fish.

6) Druidic Representative: Lastly, the Council is not complete without an appointed representative of the Druidic Order. This individual represents the interests of the Druids. He is also responsible for advising the monarch on spiritual and religious matters. Since the approval and support of the Druids is vital in maintaining power in the kingdom, few monarchs ignore the advice and counsel of their Druid.

Current MembersEdit

High Chancellor: Ademar Halad

Master of the Purse: Joryn Windmere

HIgh Steward: Maeglin Kurdwyn

Lord Warden: Rendar Alens

Master of Sail: Karsum Borudh

Druidic Representative: Galwyn Bearclaw