Súlomyn Barakan’s is a man of average height and slighter than average build. He keeps his brown hair shaven. He appears as a young man who would be passably handsome were it not for the contempt written on his face
and his softly glowing, pupil-less eyes. It is well known that he has outlived other men by generations, though there is no hint of Ashan blood evident within him.

Stories and rumors say that he practices the darkest of magic; necromancy is his area of expertise. Two centuries ago he attacked the city of Morcham Keep in search of some powerful item. Despite warning the city watch was unable to prevent his entry. Súlomyn's assault was repelled only by the intervention of the Company of the Crescent Moon and he maintains a hatred for the surviving members of that group. Rumours have made the claim that he served the Dark Goddess Kenetha, but considering his goals and necromantic associations this is highly doubtful, for Kenetha hates the undead.

Súlomyn has not been seen in decades; some have begun to speculate that his long life may finally have ended. Some popular songs and stories concerning the evil wizard gain a great deal of popularity during harvest festivals.

Player NotesEdit

+Bards sing songs about him to scare crowds.

+Was a powerful and very evil wizard who trafficked with demons and evil creatures.

+Lots of songs about the Company of the Crescent Moon fighting him