Sennish steel is the finest steel found in all of Amallon, and has few rivals across the face of Torthalon. It is difficult to work, but is incredibly durable, and lighter in weight than most other steel alloys. Blades and armor constructed from Sennish steel display a characteristic rippled pattern across their surfaces.

These properties are due to both the quality of ores found in Sen and secretive techniques concerning its production. Few Sennish people know the secrets of its manufacture, and those do are members of only a few families.

Producing Sennish steel is time-consuming, taking five times longer than the production of regular steel.

The creation of many magical weapons is said to require special metals that are far more rare than run-of-the-mill steel. Sennish alloys often qualify.

The Sennish do not lightly sell weapons and armor made of this steel to outsiders. Trade is often limited to a small amount of the total production, although occassional deals for much larger quantities have been made.