Shadowfall is the name of the current campaign set in Aralath. It involves characters from the kingdom of Keledon.

It is 1875 AS and Queen Heulyn II currently occupies the throne of Keledon. Peace has existed between Keledon and its neighbour Akaryth for decades, but tension has begun to arise.

The Story So Far...Edit

In the early summer of 1874 a royal tournament was called to celebrate the Spring Festival. The PCs--all children of noble houses--were in attendance.

Just after the main event in the jousting ring, a sudden solar eclipse took place, sending the festival attendees into a panic. From the crowd strode a wild and disheveled man who launched into a rant concerning the Old Gods, aimed at the Queen. Simultaneously, a group of guards dressed in the livery of the Crown turned and treacherously attacked the Royal Box. The PCs, aided by the Duke of Blackmoor, Rendar Alens, defeated the attackers and captured a single survivor.

As the survivor was dragged away, the PCs noted smoke on the horizon, rising above a small village to the west. Assembling their guards the PCs rode out to aid the villagers. After defeating the attackers, the PCs found them dressed in the livery of House Argawain, notorious for an attempt on the throne generations ago.

Assuming that Argawain would not have dressed soldiers in its own livery when attacking a village so close to the capital, the PCs journeyed north to Blackford, ancestral seat of the Argawains. During the course of their investigation there, the castle was surrounded and attacked by mercenary forces under the leadership of Akarthans. Aided by the Knights of the Griffon and hastily assembled forces Blackford held.

The PCs were asked by the Queen to journey as commoners to Akaryth to investigate further. During one cold night, as they crossed over Cardas Pass, Gwyn Ebethar (Michelle) was bitten by a bear, subsequently suffering feverish dreams and visions.

Once within Akaryth the PCs made their way towards the capital city, Morcham Keep. Arriving after smaller adventures, the PCs began to investigate the city while William Windmere (Justin) met with the local Marquis of Lyns, who appeared to be behind the raising of the mercenary army that attacked Blackford. His suspicions raised, Lyns had Windmere imprisioned. Taylian (Liam) and Gwyn were able to determine where he was being held, and, together with Korilla (Nathan) managed to gain an audience with Lyns. Things quickly went south, and Lyns was struck down. At this time, the ancient Ebethar blood awakened within Gwyn, who found himself transformed into a raven-like form. The four managed to free William and made a break for it.

The PCs quickly bribed a member of the local criminal underworld, Myra, to smuggle them out of the city on a ship, and back to Kalabar.

Within a few days of Lyns' death news reached Keledon of a call to arms echoing throughout Akaryth. At this time the PCs were able to decipher a map acquired in Akaryth. It led them to a hidden catacomb beneath Kalabar's streets. Deep within the catacombs the party encountered a small blue dragon, asleep on a platform and guarding what appears to be the Sceptre of Martel. Taylian was able to decipher ancient Druidic writings on the doors of the vault, telling the tale of the Sceptre's capture and the importance of keeping it from Akarthan hands. The party soon engaged the dragon, and was victorious. However Myra, the Akarthan thief, attacked and nearly killed Bean, attempting to make off with the Sceptre. She was unsuccessful, captured, interrogated and killed.

to be continued...

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