The Three Enclaves are the sites within Keledon most deeply associated with Druidry and forbidden, under pain of death, to all outsiders.

Each of the three Archdruids of the realm make their home in one of these Enclaves--the Draoi, the Whitestag or Capel Derwydd.

Before Keledon was unifed by Sothar KesGalen tradition held that the Druids alone could enter these three places. As king, Sothar enshrined that right into the laws of the land, exempting not even the monarch from the death sentence should the law be violated.

Each of the three sites serves a center of learning for the Druids of the realm. They are also colleges where new members of the Druidic priesthood are trained and tested. One is devoted to the training of boys (the Whitestag); one to the training of girls (Draoi)