1 AS – first year after the fall of Alindurya

30 – approximate date of the founding of the Tharan religion

821 – Lurana Kayni born in Tabar-Esem

946 – Sothar KesGalen unites Keledon

1003 – Battle of Hawksbridge; Palathin utterly defeated by Keledoni king Haladh the Just.

1203 – The Kurdwyns become a noble House in Keledon

1278 – The Brothers' War, leading to the creation of Matlisan and Shimarain.

1353 – Last king of Matlisan is deposed and the realm is governed by a plutocratic governing council

1385 – Hrogar Kharan and his horde destroy the kingdom of Rythe, leading to the founding of the Starm Confederacy (Sixlands)

1397 – Keledoni king Halar I founds the Order of the Black Stag

1432 – Birth of the renowned traveller Solva Sabo

1505 (approx) – Birth of Tarantar 'the Mad'

1521 – Birth of Kyriana Alqaviliya

1660 – Birth of Azeem bin Fahad Rab-ul-Salaam

1692 – Gendar IV defeats navy of Pelerin

1693 – Grog 'the Mighty' born in central Amallon

1695 – Birth of Sabell Lisandi S'Ementar

1703 – Company of the Crescent Moon founded

1704 – The Duke of Argawain and Duke of Midcliffe, leads a failed rebellion against Gendar IV.

1710 – War of One Moon between the victorious Keledoni and the defeated Akarthans.

1735 – War of Two Moons between Keledon and Akaryth. Keledon's victory.

1735 – Dale of Havan founds the Knights of the Griffon in Keledon

1766 – Kyriana Alqaviliya becomes Selviliya of the Ashani.

1770 – Destruction of Rhumed, Spawn of Valhandres; death of Dale of Havan. Birth of Iliya Kuran of Matlisan

1802 – Battle of Yarathera. The Ashani are victorious, but at great cost.

1831 – Valeyr III of Akaryth born

1860-1863 – Balar's Rebellion in Keledon

1875- today

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